Tips and tricks to make cooking easy and fun

How To Slice, Chop & Dice Properly

The art of slicing, chopping and dicing ingredients is an important skill that anyone with an interest in cooking needs to know. Here are a few tips to using that kitchen blade the proper way! #LeeKumKee

How To Prepare Herbs (Basil)

How do you capture the best of a herb's natural flavour and fragrance while cooking? We'll start with Basil, to show you the ideal way to prepare herbs, and unveil the secret behind arousing that fresh aroma in your meal! #LeeKumKee

How To Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

Ready for a fun-filled Easter? Watch this video and learn the quick and easy way to peeling hard boiled eggs perfectly. #LeeKumKee

How To Clean Shrimp

If Shrimp is a favourite of yours, remember to ensure proper hygiene by removing their entrails before preparation. Watch this video and learn how to here! #LeeKumKee

How To Rehydrate Mushrooms Quickly

Mushrooms are tasty and nutritious, but you must rehydrate them before cooking. Learn how to below! #LeeKumKee

How To Remove Strawberry Stems

Here's how you can easily remove strawberry stems using a straw, leaving only the juiciest and most tender portion to relish! #LeeKumKee

How To Prepare Bell Peppers

While crunchy sweet bell peppers might be a great addition to any dish, it's necessary to first remove their core and seeds before preparation. Here's how, quick and easy! #LeeKumKee

How To Peel Garlic Quickly

While garlic is commonly used in cooking, peeling it can often be a time-consuming task. Watch this video and learn how to do it quickly and easily. #LeeKumKee

How To Prevent Eggplants From Browning

Eggplants quickly turn brown upon slicing. Prevent them from discolouring once and for all with this simple trick. #LeeKumKee